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Thank you for your interest in Sheapro Products.

We have put together a basic text-based catalogue for you to download to your computer. PLEASE NOTE that there are no images in the catalogue, so please browse our we site first. It is in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format so you will need to have their plugin installed to view it.

get your FREE Acrobat Reader here

Chances are you already have it installed, so simply download the catalogue by clicking the link below. If you can open and read the file, no problem.

If you are unable to open the file, you will need to visit http://www.adobe.com/ and download their FREE plugin.

RIGHT CLICK here and select "save target as" or similar.

If you have any problems, please contact us:

Sheapro Pty Ltd (Australia)
PO BOX 229
Kemps Creek
NSW 2178 Australia

Phone: 0428 641 238 (+61 428 641 238)
Fax: +61 2 9670 6877
Email: info@sheapro.com

PLEASE NOTE: viewing of products is possible, but only by appointment - please contact us to make arrangements.

Here is a listing of our Pedicure Products:

Pedi Slippers Singles $1.00
Pedi Slippers Pkt of 12 $10.00
White Slippers Pkt of 10 $7.50
Toe Separators Singles $1.00
Toe Separators Pkt of 12 $10.00
Pumice Kidney   $1.50
Pumice/Brush Foot Shape   $1.50
Pumice on Stick   $2.00
Pumice Natural Black   $3.00
Pumice Lge Round Grey   $5.00
Pedi Padal Singles $1.50
Pedi Padal Pkt of 20 $20.00
Corn Plane Budget   $2.50
Pedicure Pliers   $15.00
Foot Rasp Pumice Washable   $2.00
Foot Salts 1Kg  $7.50
Foot Salts 5 Kg  $20.00
Foot Scrub Peppermint 1Kg  $20.00
Foot Scrub Peppermint 5Kg  $75.00
Foot Lotion Jennai 500mls $9.00
Foot Scrub Jennai 500grms $19.00
Foot Sloughing Lotion 500mls $12.50
Foot Spray Jennai 1 Ltr  $35.00
Foot Powder 100grms $5.50
Foot Cooling Gel 500grms $25.00

Here is a list of our Waxing Products:

Wax Pot Single 500grms $65.00
Wax Pot Double 500grms $99.00
Wax Pot Beauty Pro
Free Spat and waxing Apron included
1Kg $99.00
Waxing Aprons   $5.00
Waxing Spatula’s Metal   $3.00
Spatula’s sm wooden   $4.00
Spatula’s sm wooden 1000s $10.00
Spatula’s med wooden 100s $3.00
Spatula’s med wooden 1000s  
Paper Sheeting Unperforated   $25.00
Paper Sheeting Perforated   $25.00
Wax Cleaner Citrus 500mls $10.00
Wax Cleaner Citrus 5 Ltrs $75.00
Wax Cleaner Citrus 25 Ltrs $325.00
Pre Wax Gel 1Ltr $20.00
Pre Wax Gel 5 Ltr $75.00
Pre Wax Gel 25Ltr $300.00
Tea Tree Lotion 300mls $5.50
Tea Tree Lotion 1Ltr $20.00
Tea Tree Lotion 5Ltr $75.00
Tea Tree Lotion 25 Ltrs $300.00
After Wax Oil 500mls $12.00
After Wax Oil 1 Ltr $20.00
After Wax Oil 5 Ltr $75.00
After Wax Oil 25 Ltr $300.00
After Wax Gel AloeVera 300grms $5.50
After Wax Gel AloeVera 580grms $12.00
After Wax Gel AloeVera 1ltr $20.00
After Wax Gel AloeVera 5 Ltr $75.00
Hot Wax Apricot 1kg $17.50
Box of 12 buy plus FREE    
Hot Wax Azulene 1Kg $17.50
Box of 12 Buy plus FREE    
Strip Wax Lavender 1Kg $19.95
Box of 12 buy plus FREE    
Strip Wax Strawberry 1kg $19.95
Box Of 12 buy plus free    
Strip Wax Aloe Vera 1Kg $22.00
Box of 12 buy plus FREE    
Bleached Cotton soft 50m $19.95
Bleached Cotton Soft 100m $27.50
Bleached Cotton Soft  Lots of 10 $25.00
Bleached Cotton Soft Precuts 100  
Bleached Cotton Soft Precuts 1000  
Bleached Cotton Firm 50m $19.95
Bleached Cotton Firm 100m $27.50
Bleached Cotton Firm Lots of 10 $25.00
Bleached Cotton Firm Precut 100  
Bleached Cotton Firm Precut 1000  
Unbleached Soft 50m $19.95
Un Bleached Soft 100m $27.50
Un Bleached Soft Lots of 10 $25.00
Un Bleached Soft Precuts 100s  
Un Bleached Soft Precuts 1000  
Un Bleached Firm 50m $19.95
Un Bleached Firm 100m $27.50
Un Bleached Firm Lots Of 10 $25.00
Un Bleached Firm Precuts 100s  
Un Bleached Firm Precuts 1000s  
Non Woven 50m  
Non Woven 100m  
Non Woven Lots of 10  
Non Woven Precuts 100s  
Non Woven Precuts 1000  
Paraffin Wax Apricot 1Kg $14.50
Paraffin Wax Lave 1Kg $14.50
Paraffin Wax Plain  1Kg $14.50
Paraffin Wax Bulk 10Kg $125.00
Paraffin Oil 1Ltr $15.00
Facial Gauze Pre Cut 100s $7.50
Facial Brush   $2.50
Hand Brush   $5.50
Towelling Mitt   $5.00
Towelling Booties   $15.00
Paraffin Machine Sm 200grms $45.00
Paraffin Machine with   $99.00
Kit Facial Brush and Mittens 2 kilos of wax    
Paraffin Machine Deluxe with   $345.00
Kit Wax Facial Brush Booties and Mittens and 100 gloves and hand cream    

Here is a listing of our Nail Products:

TIPS Unit Price
French Tips well 500  $35.00
French Tips well Bag of 50  $3.50
Clear Tips Full well 500  $35.00
Clear Tips Full well Bag of 50  $3.50
Clear Tips in tip box  100 tips $7.50
Natural Tips Full well 500s $35.00
Natural Tips Full well  Bag of 50 $3.50
Natural Tips in tip box 100 tips $7.50
Tip Box Numbered 1 box $5.00
Training Finger   $3.00
Training Hand Stand 1 $25.00
Powders 30grm $10.00
Powders  85grm $20.00
Powders  140grms $30.00
Powders  350grms $60.00
Powders  2.5kg  
Powders 5kg  
Liquid  100mls $15.00
Liquid 200mls $20.00
Liquid  500mls $40.00
Liquid   1Ltr $65.00
Liquid  5ltrs $250.00
Primer 15mls $6.00
Primer  100mls $15.00
Primer  500mls $30.00
Primer  1Ltr $50.00
Nail Dissolver 125mls $6.00
Nail Dissolver  500mls $18.00
Nail Dissolver  1 Ltr $25.00
Brush Cleaner 100mls $6.00
Brush Cleaner  500mls $18.00
Brush Cleaner  1Ltr $25.00
Polish Thinner  125mls $6.00
Polish Thinners  500mls $15.00
Polish Thinners  1Ltr $20.00
Pure Acetone  125mls $3.50
Pure Acetone  500mls $7.00
Pure Acetone  1 Ltrs $11.00
Pure Acetone   5 Ltrs $35.00
Pure Acetone 20 Ltrs  
Non Acetone  125mls $3.50
Non Acetone 500mls $7.00
Non Acetone  1 Ltr $11.00
Non Acetone  5 Ltrs $35.00
Non Acetone 20 Ltrs  
Gem Sorter Wheel 1 $3.50
Wheel with 1000s pce Gem Stones 1 $20.00
Gem Stones 100 pce Assorted 1 $2.50
Gem Shapes 100pce Assorted 1 $2.50
Beads 100pce 1 $2.50
Pearls   $2.50
Dangles Assorted   $2.50
Stickers   $2.50
Nail Art Pens   $3.50
Nail Art Pens Empty   $1.50
Nail Drill Gold   $5.00
Dangles Pkt of 6 $5.00
Glitter 200grms  
Stars 200grms  
Stones 200grms  
Empty Pots  24 pots $15.00
Large Nail Posters 1 $10.00
Small Nail Posters 1 $7.50
Pedicure Posters small 1 $7.50
2grm Nail Glue Singles 1 $1.25
2grm Nail Glue Lots of 100s $1.00
15grm Nail Glue Singles 1 $6.00
15grm Nail Glue Lots of 100s $4.50
1 Drop Glue Pen 1 $4.00
Horse Shoes  500pce $15.00
Reusable Forms  Pkt of 5 $15.00
French Manicure Stickers 20 $1.50
Edge Cutters 1 $10.00
Cuticle Nippers 1 $10.00
Orange Wood Sticks    
Cuticle Pushers plastic    
Manicure Bowls 1 $3.50
Napkins Mini Sm pkt  
Napkins Lge pkt  
Cotton Balls 250s  
Cotton Tips 100s  
Cotton Tips 250s  
Plastic Dispenser Bottle 1 $5.00
Dappen Dish Plastic 1 $1.00
Dappen Dish Ceramic 1 $2.00
Dappen Dish 1  
Heart Shape Clear Glass 1 $2.00
Dappen Dish 1  
Flower Shape Clear Glass 1 $2.00
Polish Stands Plastic Holds 32 1 $15.00
Polish Stands Plastic Holds 12 1 $5.00
Square Polish Stand Holds 19 1 $15.00
Polish Bottle Tilt Holder 1 $3.50
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